Monday, July 21, 2008

Thing 23

1. I especially enjoyed creating an Avatar, learing about Flickr, creating in Pic Makr, and learning everything Google has to offer.

2. I enjoyed learning the "creative" things on the web to use in the future. Blogs are interesting and a good way to solicit others opinions.

3. Each Thing took anywhere from 30 minutes to four hours depending on the difficulty - I did not expect to spend that much time on 23 Things.

4. Provide very detailed directions as some of this is not intuitive.

5. Yes I would enroll in another program in the future.

6. Chalenging learning experience resulting in creating "fun" Things.

Thing 21 Podcast

This has been one of the toughest Things. I went to the Media Center for assistance this morning. The Photostory worked good once I understood and the text writing on the picture was easy. Unfortunately the audio was never able to work. Apparently several others have had this same problem and they have notified GEEK.

So lets keep our fingers crossed that the photo part of this podcast works!

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Time out for a Sunset on the Big Island....

Thing 22 Explore Nings

Yes I know this is out of order, but Thing 21 requires me to get my photos together before I can start. Therefore since Thing 21 will take some time I am working on Thing 22.

I looked at all the websites and focused more on the Ning for Teachers - Teacher Lingo. Nings can be a great way to provide communication on similar topics of interest. My first year teaching I taught a class that had no curriculum and I was constantly searching for topics on the Internet. I would have loved to have Teacher Lingo at that time. Teachers are great about helping each other but when you have to start from ground zero it can be difficult. Luckily through research and lots of teacher conversations, I developed more curriculum than I needed. It was a great learning experience for me and invisible to the students.

I can see that Nings would be very helpful in the classroom with student projects and other group activities.

Thing 20 Revisited

Yeah I went to Vaughn the captain and she walked me through the process. Now this is a good Teacher Tube on Excel 2007!

Thing 20 YouTube, Teacher Tube and Zamzar

I hope this shortcut takes us to Excel 2007 How to Use Autofill. I have been sitting here for hours watching all the videos and having fun. There were lots of videos in YouTube when I went in to search. Teacher Tube had no videos when I searched for MS Office or Business teaching. So I just went into Teacher Tube Most Viewed and played around until I found some videos.

The one I am attaching could take the place of my demo which is using one computer which displays on the whiteboard. Students are more interested when they try to figure it out with their classmates than when I conduct a demonstration. They also would rather have their classmates help them than the teacher. As long as they are completing the task correctly, classmates teaching works good for me.

I think videos are a great way to give students information in a different format than some of the standard teaching.

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Thing 19 Web 2.0 Awards List

Wow, the majority of these I have never heard of - so I went exploring. Next time I need to take a trip, go shopping, sell something, I am referring back to this great list. I will be sharing with my friends. This is great fun. Thanks for this list!